April 12, 2018

From Washington State to Jaigon, India- Hear the Story of our India Mission Team

From Washington State to Jaigon, India- Hear the Story of our India Mission Team

On February 3, 2018, three of our adventurous young people joined up with a mission team from Lighthouse Christian Center, then boarded a plane bound for Dubai. From Dubai they would travel to Delhi, then to their final destination, Jaigon- a city in Northern India, near the Nepalese border. This put them in the heart […]

November 14, 2017

Thanksgiving Celebration

Thanksgiving Celebration

On Sunday, November 26th, South Tapps Church will host a thanksgiving celebration for the whole family. We’d love for you to join us for a day of worship, food, fellowship, and of course the 3rd Annual STC Turkey Bowl. In that game of games, out of shape dads and sprightly youth will lay it all […]

April 18, 2017

What Will You Say Right Before You Die?

What Will You Say Right Before You Die?

In perhaps the most famous last words in history, Jesus cried out from the cross “It is finished!” It was a cry of triumph. He had fought the dragon and dealt the mortal blow. As he drew his last the anguish was over. Our victory was secured. In complete contrast to Jesus’ last cry, Henry […]

April 11, 2017

Family Devotions for Holy Week

Family Devotions for Holy Week

Download Family Devotions for Holy Week eBook The goal of this booklet is to help you worship with your children through the most important events in history. It contains eight days of readings in the gospels that correspond to Jesus’ final week. Each passage is followed by a picture and questions for family discussion. The […]

January 6, 2017

Could Your Marriage Use a Boost? Or a Makeover?

Join us as we pursue happier, holier marriages in an encouraging, open environment. We’ll meet each Friday starting January 13th at 7PM in homes in the Lake Tapps/ Bonney Lake area to watch and discuss a DVD session of Emerson Eggerich’s Love & Respect series. Dessert will be provided so you can almost consider it […]

November 2, 2016

Where Christianity = Risk

Where Christianity = Risk

An Invitation This Sunday South Tapps Church will be taking part in the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. We invite you to join us as we share stories of brave and faithful brothers and sisters who face persecution on a daily basis, pray for them, and worship the sovereign God who has […]

September 8, 2016

Christianity Changes How We Work

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men – Colossians 3:23 The point of this verse is to change our perspective about work. Instead of seeing work as labor for the boss or the husband or even ourselves, we should see at as service for Jesus. Homemaking for Christians is […]

August 7, 2016

Why Are You A Christian?

Link to this weeks message on SoundFaith

July 31, 2016

Humiliation, Exaltation, and Salvation

Here is this weeks message.

July 12, 2016

10 Day Bible Study Challenge

I just wanted to share this 10 Day Bible Study Challenge¬†from Logos Bible Software. I love the software and use it almost exclusively for bible study and sermon prep. Just click the links and check it out.   I also wanted to add the link to our sermon archive on Soundfaith. I’ll add it to […]

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